Reaction Framework 1.0.7

ColdFusion Reaction Framework 1.0.7 released. This is the first stable release of the Reaction Framework. Reaction Framework allows you to create events on UI and handle these events in the controller CFC files.


  1. Easy-to-learn
  2. Simple and fast
  3. Event-driven architecture
  4. Settings and Plugins support
  5. Manage your Application model with CFCs and events


  1. Download Reaction Framework 1.0.7
  2. Extract the zip file in your web root folder
  3. Move CustomTags folder to your ColdFusion CustomTags folder
  4. Move reaction.js into your CFIDE/Scripts folder
  5. Browse the sample.cfm

Page Events

onInit, onStart, onPreRender, onEnd, onError. To handle these default events and your custom events create appropriate functions in your controller CFC file. Custom events must also be defined in the eventList attribute of <cf_controller> tag.

Plugin Points

onPreInit, onPostInit, onPreEvent, onPostEvent, onError. You can define plugins in your reaction.config file.


For your questions leave a comment on this post or join the Reaction Framework Group.


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