Why Blockchain is insecure by design

Blockchain is a database which holds open data and hashed value, so an advanced AI can break the used security algorithm by analyzing data-hash change relation.

Don’t use standard blockchain, develop better one.

  • If there is no change relation between open data and hash it might be more secure.
  • If the genesis block (start block) made pluggable to developers, they can create more secure start block algorithms to blockchain.
  • More secure start block means more secure blockchain.
  • If blockchain solution uses pluggable security algorithm it gives chance to developers to build their more secure algorithms.

If bitcoin breakable by AI who can guarantee the bitcoin raise is fake or real?

Post-quantum security algorithms may solve traditional AI attacks but it cannot guarantee the security, because one can make quantum AI. So we have to use a blockchain database which has no relation data and hash with strong start block hash.

If you encrypt data with private algorithm, you can prevent AI to understand the data. But this AI knows all security algorithms, so you need to use unknown algorithm; but in blockchain you are using encrypted data in your chain hashes; it is still weakness.

You are feeding the AI with cryptologic data which makes that AI more clever. So you will find yourself in a security race, you will need better and better algorithms in time.

If you use unknown security algorithms in genesis block (the door); whole blockchain and separate unknown security algorithm for data; it might be the best. Because all is unknown; if you store this unknown blockchain in a secure environment probably with no internet connection; it will be the best.


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