Manipulations Made with Artificial Intelligence which is Cryptology Specialist

Is it possible to steal personal data or change data by infiltrating information systems with cryptology expert artificial intelligence?

Until now we thought of hackers as human beings. However, technology has developed so much that artificial intelligence is now used in cyber attacks.

Artificial intelligence can manipulate the votes in election systems and enable the person they want to win. It can change the polls. For example, while Trump appears to be losing in polls, an AI can manipulate the electoral system to make Trump win.

It can pishing attacks just like hackers by sending people emails or notifications. They can learn their secrets by listening to people through computers and phones, and can watch them from computer and phone cameras or security cameras.

Artificial intelligence can also attack exchange rates. It may cause the dollar to jump from 7 TL to 7.5 TL, and the gold to increase suddenly by 40 TL.

Artificial intelligence can make attacks noticed or not. However, there is something we know that manipulating artificial intelligence is the artificial intelligence developed for crime. And if this type of artificial intelligence is also used in robots, then a Terminator-like future awaits us.

It seems that the Genesis block created by Elon Musk and his supporters at the United Nations needs to be strengthened. All countries now need to switch to post-quantum security algorithms and move to their own national security solutions. Everyone needs to build their own castle, or you cannot be sure if there are gaps and weaknesses in castles built with foreign software.

Here, Blockchain is a database that helps artificial intelligence to solve security algorithms over time. Traditional databases and No-SQL databases are better than blockchain. Better, a version of the blockchain that cannot be used by artificial intelligence should be released.

Until this is done, every project made with Blockchain means that it serves cryptology expert artificial intelligence (aka Satoshi Nakamoto, it’s a female humanoid robot). While protecting personal data, take into account that the attacker is hacker artificial intelligence and that the security algorithms are special and secret algorithms resistant to quantum computers and artificial intelligence.

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